Thursday, 16 January 2014


Following a ridiculous, racist and xenophobic invective from Northern League politician, Gianluca Buonanno - where the Italian MP ‘blacked-up’ to deliver a stinging denunciation of immigrants - a sudden glut of bullshit has caused prices of local agricultural fertiliser to fall.

“Stupid Buonanno is creating so much bullshit, it’s pushing my fertiliser price through the floor!” said Fertiliser salesman, Luigi Vendocrapizzi, “Farmers know that bullshit is the best fertiliser known to man, and Buonanno is giving away a lot for free right now.”

Fertiliser prices have remained steady in recent times in Italy, following years of yo-yo pricing under the irrepressible Sylvio Berlusconi’s government. His frequent brushes with the law and public pronouncements of innocence, created some of the most potent bullshit in Europe. Though these periodic excesses of bullshit depressed the price of fertiliser, Italy’s agriculture flourished.

For many years the Greek economy was run on the equally effective ‘piss-taking’ fertiliser, which is high in ammonia. With the state ‘taking the piss’ so much with regards to its fiscal and social policy, ammonia rich fertiliser was abound in the Mediterranean country, and the nation’s crops flourished. Sadly, the majority of the population continued to take the piss, and consumed all of the crops themselves.

The contents of Gianluca Buonanno's speech on immigration.

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