Wednesday, 9 April 2014


As a series of paintings, conjured up by the former Most Hated Man in The World and five-time World Douche of the Year, George Bush, is released to a chorus of exasperated groans, art critics are unanimous in their view that the works reveal Bush’s true personality. However, instead of tapping into a childlike state that lies deep and dormant in the recesses of his personality, Bush’s work is able to exploit the childlike state that is conveniently on the surface.

“Oh he has used his work to really show us who he is, like going through a process of spiritual regression to reach one’s fundamentalities, and I for one, love it,” said broadsheet art-critic, Foolah Krapp, whilst he/she drank/ate a cocktail/beer served in a man/woman’s hat, “With George he doesn’t need to regress, his fundamentalities are on the surface! He’s a child! It’s just amoriphicly fantabulicious, indubitably.”

Bush’s works have already attracted several high-profile customers, with aging megalomaniac Rupert Murdoch rumoured to have offered ten million US dollars for Bush’s self-portrait. Sources close to Murdoch claim that the Australian media tycoon plans to hang the portrait in the same room that he houses his life-size waxwork of Margaret Thatcher, on the opposite wall to a series of sketches of a nude Rebekah Brooks. Other rumoured customers are former prime-minister and career bullshit-merchant, Tony Blair, and current Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.    

From the collection: 'Selfies'

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