Wednesday, 9 April 2014


A four-foot Bolivian donkey named Alvarez who was stuffed with up to ten kilos of cocaine, has been repeatedly used as a ‘drug mule’ by local cocaine smugglers. A cocaine-packed Alvarez made over twenty cross-border journeys - by land, sea and air - spanning some five years, before eventually attracting the suspicion of customs officers in his native Bolivia.

“We just never thought a ‘drug mule’ would actually be a mule full of drugs,” said Bolivian customs official, Gimme da Briberio, “It’s a brilliant plan really. Normally we look for fat British tourists, so the last thing we would suspect is a cocaine-stuffed donkey. Just shows how sophisticated these smugglers are.”

Alvarez is currently in custody in Sucre, housed in the capital’s infamous El Villa del Rapos Analios Prison, alongside some of the nation’s most violent criminals. However, it is rumoured that Alverez has utilised underworld connections to secure preferential treatment inside the slammer.

A hardened drug mule, Alvarez the donkey was finally caught when a customs officer in Bolivia noticed that instead of being a valid passport-holder attempting to exit the country lawfully, Alvarez was in fact a donkey full of coke.

Drug mule

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