Thursday, 2 August 2012


London 2012 organisers spoke of inspiring a generation and leaving a legacy; a sentiment that many cynics had sought to criticise. However, few were left doubting the evidence of such sentiment today as children across the London 2012 hosting borough, Tower Hamlets, celebrated the Team GB equestrian silver-medal win. Many have said that the sport is the sole reserve of the privileged and perennially entitled; but the joy shown by teenagers in one of London’s poorest boroughs proved that equestrianism can be just as popular as football.  

“We just love equestrianism innit,” said one delighted youngster, calmly cleaning his handgun, “Dressage is just sick bruv. When Fox-Pitt got a clean round in, man was like braaaaaaap!!”

The Team GB silver medallists were delighted at the reception they received from the hosting borough.

“At the end of the day, we’re just regular people, like the chaps of this borough,” said Eton-educated William Fox-Pitt.

“We hope that our efforts will inspire a generation of children from Tower Hamlets to take up eventing!” exclaimed the beaming - but arguably clueless - Royal Family member Zara Philips, “I know there is a recession on, but come on kids, Daddy can buy you a horse!”

When questioned on the possibility that most people in Tower Hamlets - or anywhere else in the UK - would struggle to afford to take part in a sport like equestrianism, Philips’ response was unequivocal:

“So they should just save up!” she said, blasting a fox to pieces with a shotgun,“God, you have to make sacrifices for this…”

                      Fox-Pitt (centre): Olympic silver-medallist and probable polygamist.

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