Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Along with the plethora of misinterpretations, delusions, misjudgements and general confused ramblings surrounding Scottish independence, it has been reported that large numbers of Scottish members of the far-right BNP (British National Party) have joined the SNP (Scottish National Party) in anticipation of independence, unaware that there may be slight ideological differences.

“Obviously we welcome anyone who wants to join us in making history,” said SNP spokesman Hamish Ewadtaedrink, “But we want to make it perfectly clear, we are not looking to form an ethnically pure Scotland. I mean we sort of are, like, we don’t want English people here. Well, that’s not true, we do want English people, just not British… or Chinese or something.”

One Scottish BNP member explains his decision to join the Scottish National Party:

“I thought it was just a straight swap really and that Salmond has a lot of Griffin in him if you ask me,” said lifelong racist Donald McDonald, “Give him a glass eye and you’ve got the full package.”

The BNP has remained silent on the latest exodus of members from its ranks, though many insiders are now wondering whether ethnic Scots should be a new focus for their racist designs, with one far-right blogger claiming “they’re basically foreign now, which means they need a kicking”.

Scot BNP members' prejudice extends to small-case letters.

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