Wednesday, 30 April 2014


As each day passes and another hoard of racist UKIP members is grimly uncovered, an increasingly confused – and possibly not that racist - Nigel Farage has been forced to deny rumours that if it were to be in office, a UKIP government would be forced to legalise racism.

“As more and more members are proving themselves to be filthy racists,” said Anti-Racism campaigner, Omar Godyeh, “In order to keep the majority its cabinet out of jail, a UKIP government would have to legalise racism.”

But Farage has hit back, forcefully denying the allegation that his party is filled with race-baiting hate-mongers and xenophobic genitally deficient little-Englanders, claiming that the number of racist UKIP members and electoral candidates has been blown wildly out of proportion.

“Look, I’m sick of having to say this, but just because 98% of our members are racist, it doesn’t mean that we’re all racist,” said Farage, flicking through the final copy of recently-closed lad-mag Nuts, “We’re a genuine alternative to the Westminster bigwigs…. look at the jugs on that darkie!”

UKIP members show little imagination at a fancy dress party.

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